The Music

It's all about the music.   Music that you feel.   Music that moves you.

Domino is all about preserving the classic Soul, R&B, and Funk sounds of yesterday, and adding to them with our own flavors of today.

Domino Audio Clips

Listen to some sample tracks from our recent recording sessions.  These songs are on our new CD, "The Domino Band".

 Let's Stay Together
      ("Domino - Let's Stay Together_short.mp3" 2,030KB)

 So Very Hard to Go
      ("Domino - So Very Hard to Go_short.mp3" 1,330KB)

 Mustang Sally
      ("Domino - Mustang Sally_short.mp3" 969KB)

Domino SongList

Check out the great list of classic songs performed by Domino.

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